"The Birds And The Bees EP"

by Arsenic!

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The indiest thing since "Tigermilk"


released August 13, 2014





Arsenic! New York, New York

Arsenic! The overall product can be likened to a caring hug.

From Tony & John & Friends

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Track Name: My Id And Ego Are Friends
One time is enough, but it never feels that way. They more they talk the less I tend to listen. I hear what I want to. And if I go outside, please be by my side. I don't want to know what the fucking day has in store for me, and i don't care.
My Id and Ego are friends, and now the fun never ends, and we went insane when we took cocaine, and I'm wondering why this feeling doesn't change. Why won't he learn to do the things to be like me, and to be like you? We do the things we do.
The images play back to tune of disappointment and regret - words of endearment half said but fully felt. My throat is filled with unsaid words, I can only hear them when I cry. I need this so I can feel human one last time.
It's not your fault in your eyes, just in theirs, but who cares? You've decided that your life isn't too much, anyway. How ironic it is in the end, but I'll risk it all for my only friend.
Track Name: Sink Your Heart
If things don't change then she will make herself a fool. She can't go back to school to see them laugh. Perfect romances, and she'll have to drink to make sure her heart sinks.

But she has hope that drinking won't hurt her like her best friend, who fell apart again. But if it does, at least she saw it coming. She won't regret a life she never spent.
Track Name: A Book Is As Good As A Suicide
I always feel like I want to disappear. It makes me sad to live without someone that I can't live without, and I don't think that happiness is here. I meant to say that I'm in the way, but I won't bother anyone.
There's still a place that I'll always know. My friends are there, and I often go where I'm not scared and I don't hide, because a book's as good as a suicide.
I need someone to tell me who to be. A drug addiction at its height - what story should I read tonight? The pain is always catching up to me, and loneliness has settled and, but what I read just saved my life.

Arsenic and formaldehyde. We hide the things that we want to hide. A book's as good as a suicide.

We met at school and talked the night away. Someone to touch me and to wipe away the tears we cried tonight. If only I could say it was my own and not some fictional fantasy I wouldn't have to risk my life anymore.
Track Name: Kathryn And I
She wears a pink winter jacket and long plaid skirts, and her satin, silver slippers when her feet hurt. And her hair hangs down just one side of her face. And her glasses are round, like to two birthday cakes.
I wear a black overcoat that I bought in Amsterdam, with a flower in my lapel. My glasses are fake, but I wear them just for you because I'm afraid of my own face, and, Kathryn, so are you.