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released May 6, 2014





Arsenic! New York, New York

Arsenic! The overall product can be likened to a caring hug.

From Tony & John & Friends

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Track Name: Heart On My Sleeve
She saw me in a gallery of paintings and old tapestries by artists who left their mark of beauty in the world.
But my eyes were on the ground. I thought, for sure, she would be bound to see the ugliness up front.
I can't hide it with a brush.

I look so ugly with my heart on my sleeve. It's painted with sickness and depression interweaved. I look so ugly with my heart on my sleeve, and it hurts so much, nail polish won't cover it up.

By happenstance our eyes were drawn to the liliy pads and blue carnations floating in a pond.
Like I was hung up on the wall, her eyes began to turn and fall, but right away she walked away and then she gasped, "That poor boy don't stand a chance."
Track Name: I Put The 'OC' In OCD
Sitting on the school yard steps. This high school love affair, it makes no sense. She says that I'm the one for her, but why she cares so much I can't infer.
The sun that's shining through our window has rested on our bed. Even though I should be happy, how can I forget? I put the 'OC' in OCD, I put 'MD' in MDD.
She thinks that we're the perfect pair. She thinks of all the good times we will have. She thinks its cute when we hold hands. There's just one thing I'll never understand.
The flowers that Amy gave me are smiling back at me. Could she really be in love? But, no. How could that be? I put the 'GA' in GAD. I put 'BP' in BP1.
Track Name: Para Sentirse Humano Otro Vez
We sat beneath the willow tree and I held you from behind. Now the ducks of Central park all know of the love that's yours and mine. Sit down and talk about how we've never felt this way, and we kiss in the moment of bliss and a smile comes around to your lips.

Nos podriamos ser mas feliz y tenemos todos con solomente una vida y nuestra corazon.
Para sentirse humano otro vez me podriar haber me metado. Haria lo que ser para ti, y tomo ese resco. Nos sentamos y habalamos de el presente y tambien el futuro, por cierto, todo estara bein.

We are so happy and we have everything with one life and a new heart.
To feel human again, I'd think about my own death. I'd take that risk for you. We feel everything and we talk about the present and the future, and everything will be alright.